Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Life

The simple pleasures of living in Asturias include the opportunity to witness acts of nature that otherwise our busy lives would not allow us to share. The pond has become a haven for wildlife and the biodiversity of the area has increased dramatically over recent months. Late last summer we introduced 4 fish to the pond in the hope of controlling larvae of mosquito (should they take up residence in the water). One fish disappeared - probably died or eaten by dragonfly nymph. Much to our surprise we now have at least 15 baby fish (although very hard to count) and three adults. We hope to relocate at least some of them to a much larger pond up at El Paraiso del Burro later in the summer when they have grown.

Another surprise was the discovery of lizard eggs - tucked away in the gravel under one of Luis' mosaics. We have come across similar eggs before in soil but never in a 'nest' type setting in gravel. They are the size of mint imperials but slightly elongated/oval in shape. We carefully place the mosaic back in position and disturbed it as little as possible. On the couple of occasions we lifted it to check on progress we were fortunate to see one of the little critters emerging and then some time later the same (we like to think so) little lizard making its way into the big wide world.....we called her Elizabeth (only joking honest).

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This young Buzzard has been screeching and calling for its parents for a couple of weeks now - it is flying low around the neighbouring fields and perching on trees and fence posts. Not the best picture but the nearest I can get to this nervous, young bird. It is learning to hunt and gaining its independence from its parents who are no doubt near at hand.

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